Sun Smart at preschool

Currently the UV rating is hovering around 2 in the middle of the day. That means that children do not need sunscreen applied before going out in the sunshine. A hat will suffice for their sun protection.

This will of course change as we move into spring this term. We will keep you posted on the rating as it changes.

You can see the daily UV rating on your smartphone by downloading the free Sunsmart app. This is a great app to have for parents so you are aware of the uv rating on the days your child does not attend preschool. You can also set a reminder to apply sunscreen again if you are out in the sun for extended periods as well as see the maximum and minimum termperatures for the day ahead so you can send your children out in the sun knowing what the day will bring. It also gives you advice on your vitamin D intake for the period of time you expect to be outdoor for the day AND lastly it will tell you exactly how much sunscreen you will need to apply according to the clothes you are wearing on the day……….how cool is that?????

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